What can I do? A poem by Krista

What can I do …..Little ol me?
I can’t Cure Cancer or Change Poverty.

But…I can cook a mean meatloaf and shuttle my kids off to school….
I can plant tulips in the Spring and drive a Prius to save fuel.

I can exercise patience and kindness, Oh yes I can,
I’m trying so hard to help my kids understand…

That I can make a difference… just Little ol me,
I can help a sick friend or even plant a tree.

Oh, I try to do the right things; I floss, recycle and exercise my vote,
And in the Winter I donate one fuzzy warm coat.

But there’s a deeper desire in my heart that wants to give…..
And I want to inspire others by the life that I live.

I may be simple…there’s no red carpet by my house…
My badge of honor comes from being a Mom, a Friend,
a Neighbor and….a Spouse.

So who cares if I have an itchy rash, chapped lips or an extra five pounds…I’m doing my best to spread a message around.

I’m surrounding myself with women both young and wise….
And we’re taking on Causes that are just the right size!

And at the end of the day when I put on my robe and sip a cup of tea…I can feel good about my Fabulous Friends and this Awesome Community.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Line up your baby sitters! Don’t miss this next event at Melissa Becker’s house! Thank you for setting up this site for our group Christy!