Douglas Recap

Great night at Petaluma Valley Athletic Club ~ We always appreciate the kindness of Martha, Rob, and Robin for opening the door and letting the community in. Thank you to Wendy Thomas, local fire woman, Sue, and Debbie Bender for your excellent heart presentations and CPR training. It was great life saving information for every one to take away from the night.

The turn out was lovely and all of the exchanges were heartfelt. I appreciated the extra words from Eric Smith and John Banister about Wayne’s personality and charm.
A lot of Laura and Wayne’s family came and it made the night a bit easier for Laura to just enjoy the night. Thank you for coming.

The best moment of the night for me was listening to Laura talk about Wayne…..quirky habits about calling her and checking in. She reminded all of us not to take those moments for granted with our own spouses. She was brave to speak on the microphone to the crowd. It was memorable and loving. Thank you to everyone that joined us. There was a generous amount of money raised for the family, and as we can all imagine…….every little bit helps!

Thank you to John Nunes and Cyndi and Stephanie at Style Bar for the lovely gifts for the night. Thanks for “Showing Up” everyone!

Please know that your kindness has blessed this family and given them some comfort during a very difficult time ~


The Fabulous Women

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