The Community Pays Tribute to James Forni

The Community Pays Tribute to James ForniThank you to everyone in the community that supported the Forni Family. The tribute for James Forni was truly beautiful, and the community showed up with great love and appreciation. Every single person that was in that gym felt great love. James encouraged all of us to be better human beings. May his grace and compassionate qualities carry us through our lives and inspire sincere intentions to do good in the world. Thank you to every person that volunteered, baked cookies, dropped off water, and contributed flowers. Once again, our Petaluma community reaffirms generosity and compassion.

Since James was so dedicated to the success of students and athletes, his family has established a memorial scholarship fund in James’ honor. If you would like to make a donation to show your support, please write a check payable to:

“The James Forni Memorial Scholarship Fund.”
Checks can be mailed to:Exchange Bank
2 East Washington Street, Petaluma CA. 94954

If you prefer to donate online, you may also click the donate button on the Petaluma Fabulous Women’s website to make an electronic transfer toward the scholarship.

Our website is:
We will run a scholarship campaign through August.


Please earmark your donations to:
“The James Forni Memorial Scholarship Fund”
The donations that are made through this donate button are 100% tax deductible.


If you have any questions regarding our campaign,
please call: Krista Gawronski (707) 799-2153

The Community Pays Tribute to James Forni


May Vincero Spirit Carry on ~


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