The Fabulous Women Show up for Monic – Recap


The Fabulous Women Show up for Monic BIG time!

The Fabulous Women Show up for Monic BIG time!


Thank you for the amazing turnout for Monic! There was so much love in the room. Although Monic was too sick to attend the event, she had a supportive family present to represent her story and her courage. We fell in love with her brave family on that night, especially her daughters, Lexi and Ashlee. The group loved hearing from her loving sisters, Rashell and Miranda, and her father, Herb. He had so much pride and love to share about his daughter. Herb said that it was because of Monic that he now has a better understanding of what it means to be a strong person. It is less about physical strength and more about daily perseverance. In fact, it made everyone reflect on what “Strong” looks like in their lives. That moment brought us to tears.

Monic's beautiful family and support system

Monic’s beautiful family and support system

Whenever this group comes together we feel so grateful and fortunate. What a true blessing it was to land at Petaluma Valley Athletic Club. Rob and Martha Elder Domont opened the doors to their club and welcomed the community for this intimate gathering. Martha shared her story about having breast cancer. That really hit home for all of us. She talked about her battle, her determination, and her survivor-ship. It gave the room goosebumps because she is living proof that you can overcome cancer and live a beautiful and active life. Anyone who knows Martha understands her dedication to finding a cure and creating a dialogue about courage. It is true that cancer can not define the life or the love of any human being.

Rachel Back, Monic's daughter, Lexi, and Kimi Colazzi

Rachel Back, Monic’s daughter, Lexi, and Kimi Colazzi


Jenny, Erin Ascher, Gail Acevedo, Martha Domont, Sandra Fetter, Kathleen Callahan, Cynthia Garvey, Kat Savano & Deanna O Brien

Everyone agreed that night that Monic’s has a beautiful support system in place with her family. Our group was also reminded just how important it is to hold these community gatherings because they inspire another level of goodness. It creates a force field of love and generosity. There is no doubt that HOPE heals. The night was filled with beautiful energy. As the lovely Kathleen Callahan said, thank you for “Showing up.” There were loving exchanges happening all over the place. The Fabulous Women always try to create a beautiful space to love, give, and express compassion. Charity remains our highest priority, and we search for ways to make a difference in the lives of local families. We are grateful to hold a space in our hearts for Monic and we continue to send her good energy.

Brenda Martin and Sandra Fetter take a fun photo with  the Love Jar!

Brenda Martin and Sandra Fetter take a fun photo with the Love Jar!

Lets remember that we all take turns being strong and broken. Sometimes we have to take a moment to fill up the “Love Jar.”

Be Brave, Be Faithful, and SOAR on!


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