Soul Sisters Campfire – I AM Enough!

I AM Enough!

Let Your Heart Shine and Your Soul Radiate Beauty from Within!

The next Soul Sisters Campfire will be a wonderful treat for women. We will tackle a meaningful topic about
Body Image and Self-Love.

Every woman has unique qualities that make her special. We sometimes forget that because there is constant pressure to be more…..more beautiful, more hot, more sexy, more this….. more that…..It’s true that somewhere in our journey we will be told that we’re just NOT Enough. Media plays on that message everywhere, and females are constantly being labeled. Whether you are 12 or 90….this message rings true in today’s world.

This workshop will remove the stereotypes around age and beauty that affect our self-worth. If you have ever heard the comments…… “You’re too fat, you’re too skinny, you’re too old, or you don’t fit in” then you understand just how terrible that can feel.
We are choosing to focus on empowering topics like……. “What does it mean to be authentic and how does our inner beauty lead to happiness?”

Women have become far too comfortab le comparing themselves to others, judging their bodies, picking themselves apart, and being competitive with one another. This workshop will keep it real. We do not have to reduce our value and visibility in the world in order to please others. Truth be told…’s not about our external beauty….it’s about who we are inside that truly matters. If you haven’t heard it yet….

“HAPPY is the new PERFECT!”

Well, this workshop will be a refreshing day for women. We are committed to creating a fun and uplifting space where women of all ages can dialogue about self esteem.

We are encouraging grandmothers, mothers and daughters to attend. With the purchase of 1 adult ticket…..guests will be encouraged to bring one young female guest. ( the recommended age for the guests will be 12 through 25). If you do not have anyone, we will open the spot to another young person from the community.


Inspirational Speakers:


Malia Anderson

Malia Anderson

Malia Anderson
is a local stylist.   Malia not only helps coordinate wardrobes, she also helps produce a successful publication, North Bay Woman’s Magazine. She is a dynamic speaker about life, passion, and following the heart’s desire! Yes, she can coordinate colors and fashion, but her biggest accomplishment is inspiring women to love themselves exactly as they are! Yes, she’ll teach us which labels are seriously damaging to our self esteems. Get ready for her spunk and humor. She will keep it real!

Laurie Zerga


Laurie Zerga

Laurie Zerga
is a local speaker that coaches feminine power.  She will take our guests through a cool exercise that promotes self acceptance and strength.  She will energize the group as she will remove the harsh judgments that get in the way of living our best lives.

Yummy Snacks & Activities:

We will provide appetizers and  summer drinks.

We will have interactive games, break-out circles, and photography sessions.

A Relaxing Venue:

The venue is extraordinary! It will be at a private barn at the lovely K-2 Ranch in Pengrove.  Be comfortable…..wear whatever makes you happy.  Just bring a sweater.  Thank you to Kat Savano for providing a great space to laugh and have fun!

Limited Space:

We will cap this event off at 75 adult women so sign up early.  Parking is also limited, so please consider carpooling. For questions, please call: Krista Gawronski @ 707 799-2153

The cost of the day is $50. That will be for one adult and a young guest. The proceeds from this event will support local families in need through our Gifts of the Heart Program. How nice that the love is circular…..we are taking care of ourselves and our greater community.   Please use this link to sign up:


Hope to see you there!

With Love and Kindness,


The Fabulous Women

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