Family Bike Bonanza

Join the Fabulous Women for a Family Bike Bonanza!

Come one, come all to a summer bike riding celebration!

Family Bike Bonanza

This Family Bike Bonanza will support

“The Earle Baum Center of The Blind.”

Can you imagine having an incredible impact on the lives of people who are blind or visually impaired? The Fabulous Women of Sonoma County are presenting a beautiful opportunity to do just that! Yes, by showing up to this family event you will help us change some lives and do something very cool for our community!

The idea that the Earle Baum Center for The Blind has developed is very inspiring! Experienced bike riders take people who can not see on adventurous rides to give them the beautiful experience of gliding through nature. This experience allows people who do not have the capability to ride by themselves to experience their surroundings in a whole new way. It allows for people who are visually impaired to feel what it’s like to have the wind to blow through their hair and stimulate another part of their senses.

We are committed to raising awareness about this meaningful cause and raising enough money to buy a tandem bike for Sonoma County Visually Impaired Bike Riders!

It’s the perfect outing for a family to participate in on a lovely Sunday Afternoon.

Here are the Details:
Our event is on: Sunday, August 21, 2016
The time is: 1-3 pm
The locations is: Lucchesi Park
(320 North McDowell) Petaluma


Event Activities:


Family Bike Bonanza Activities
Enjoy cookies, lemonade, face painting by Budder Ball the Clown, conversation with members of the Baum Center, meet former professional cyclist Steven Cozza, take a Family Bike Ride around the park, and donate to purchase a tandem bike that will be used by visually impaired riders and their pilots for weekend rides around Sonoma County.

OUR GOAL is: $2,500.

If we meet this goal….. an anonymous donor has offered to match the amount and help us purchase TWO bikes!!!

(We welcome donations of any size-cash or checks.) You may also use the donation button on our website if you can not make the event and feel inspired to help us raise money for this cause. Just use this link to donate:

**All donations made during the month of August will support this beautiful cause. All donations are 100% tax deductible too.

We encourage families to bike to the park and try riding on a tandem bike. We will also do a community ride around the park!
Safe Routes to School will participate!

Family Bike Bonanza

As a special addition to the day……we are going to raffle off a bike. We would like to thank BiCi Sport for making this possible. BiCi Sport is a wonderful local bike business that has been supporting Fabulous Women’s events for a long time. We are very grateful to Andrew and Jenny Christensen for stepping up to help this fabulous cause..

The Earle Baum Tandem Program teaches people who have lost their vision to live independent, successful lives. To practice those skills, gain confidence and explore various interests and activities, they offer a Learning for Enjoyment (LIFE) Program. One of the most active groups is the “Baum Squad” who are a team of experienced bike pilots who take blind riders out around Sonoma County.

We hope you will join us! This has to be one of the cooolest and most unique causes that we have ever wrapped our arms around!
If you have questions, please call:

Melissa Becker at: (707) 782-0123.

Thank you Friends.

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